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The body is its own best healer. And with a little assistance, guidance and support, better health can start today. Whether it’s yogapersonal training or small group fitness classes, Tracy believes movement is the key to wellness.

Our bodies were designed to move, not to sit. Research on exercise continues to demonstrate its profound effect on healing from a wide range of issues including depression, breast cancer treatment, bowel cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and many more. In addition, regular exercise is also shown to be protective against many diseases.

Yoga & Fitness Training

Tracy has been a personal trainer for over ten years and a certified yoga instructor for seven years. While she works with clients to achieve desired fitness and flexibility goals, her expertise resides in facilitating increased body awareness, agility, balance, coordination and overall well being. Her clients are varied, but she enjoys training and teaching yoga to special populations, such as those in post-rehabilitation. She has considerable experience working with seniors.

Tracy is certified in the Vinyasa yoga tradition and invites everyone, at all levels of health, to explore the connection between the body and the breath. Her hope is that everyone can find freedom through this ancient form of movement. That’s why her style is gentle, expressive, and safe for all levels.

Tracy has a background in ballet, as well as competitive athletics as a long distance runner in Cross-Country & Track. These days she enjoys skiing, basketball, yoga, hiking, tennis, Taiji and the Alexander Technique.

Her experience includes:

  • NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
  • Yoga Alliance RYT
  • Resist-A-Ball Core & Advanced
  • Neural Stretching
  • Somatics
  • Sotai

She offers one-on-one consultations and small group (3-4) instruction. Please contact us for rates and availability. Some insurance plans cover nutritional and exercise therapy sessions.

Health & Wellness Education

Tracy knows how to make learning fun. Whether it’s a presentation on acupuncture or how to use yoga as therapy, her programs are informative, engaging and extremely applicable. Whether you’re an individual, yoga studio or Fortune 500 company, you’ll benefit from Tracy’s offerings.

Currently she teaches and supervises at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and the National College of Natural Medicine. She is also adjunct faculty at the Helfgott Research Institute at NCNM.

Check the newsletter for new offerings on exercise, cooking with whole foods, diet and nutrition, moxibustion therapy and traditional Chinese medicine theory in the new teaching space at her clinic. If you are interested in using the space for a class, please contact us for information.

"Tracy was a great instructor and has an awesome grasp of what she was teaching." ~ Everest Student
"Tracy is an enthusiastic teacher. She did an excellent job of conveying her knowledge to students in an engaging fashion. She displays the kind of dedication, caring and professionalism that exemplify someone who has chosen to work in the field of health care." ~ Stephen Markus, M.D. NESA Faculty

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